The Differences Between the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment

B5Trying to distinguish between the best treatments for your hair can be challenging especially if you want to choose between Brazilian blowout and Keratin smoothing treatment. Even most stylists have a hard time distinguishing between the two types of hair treatment, so do not find it odd to not know the difference. Therefore to get the best hair treatment results, you need to make sure you know exactly what type you need so that you achieve those results. Although these two types of hair treatment have almost the same result like adding shine, removing frizz and sealing color treatment, they have major differences that distinguish them. Below are some of the differences between the Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment.

The most notable difference between the two types is the time that they take to complete. The Brazilian blow out procedure takes about one to two hours to complete the procedure, while the keratin treatment procedure will take three hours to finish.

The type of hair both types of treatment performs well on is different. The Brazilian blow out is best for the people with fine or medium hair texture with lighter curls, while the keratin treatment does well for people with overly curly and voluminous hair.

The results of different hair treatments are different. With Keratin Hair straightening treatment, you will have straighter; smoother and the volume of the hair will be reduced. The Brazilian blow out results to hair that is frizz free, softer but it will maintain the natural curls. However, these results of both treatments can be changed according to your preference, because the procedures of both treatments can be customized to produce your desired results.

The two types of hair treatments have a difference in convenience. With the Brazilian blowout, you finish the whole procedure at the salon and you get immediate results, while the keratin treatment you have to wait for 72 hours before you wash the hair off the treatment so it will take you three days to see the end results of the treatment. So if you need something immediate Brazilian blow out is the one for you since the keratin will have a few more restrictions like not to tie back or sweat, to prevent kink from developing.

The Brazilian blowout, however, has a controversy on its ingredients and it is said to have formaldehyde and methylene glycol which have proven to be carcinogenic. There are other Brazilian blowout products that are said to be formaldehyde free, but they go at a very high cost. The keratin treatment is taken to be the best alternative since it is more natural but other times it has been found to contain similar ingredients. Therefore, before you choose the type you want to use, be careful and read more about the products you choose so that you find the ones that are safe for you.


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